The Be More Society exists to help female creatives & entrepreneurs become self sufficient through their talents and passions. By elevating opportunities for business and personal growth, sharing resources & cultivating creativity the Be More Society encourages individuals to their best lives & reach their highest potential.



"My name is Breea and I own Tell the Birds Cinematic Films. I feel so lucky to be apart of the Be More Society! As a creative, I feel its important to surround yourself with other creatives to be able to think outside the box more and feed off each others ideas! Its an incredible feeling being connected with people who are passionate about the same things your passionate about. Working in this atmosphere has given my company legitimacy and let others around me know I take my job seriously! Coming to this space, I feel like Im taking steps in the right direction, and elevating my business."



"It is my belief that there is enough room for everyone's dream, everyone's passion and everyone's talent. With the Be More Society you can find resources, encouragement and opportunities you didn't know you needed. Together, we can Be More."  


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